Why Protective Gloves are a Must to Keep you Safe

Protective medical gloves are the norm whenever there is a procedure where sterility and cleanliness are needed. They protect the wearer from chemicals, biohazards, and other potentially dangerous substances, whether the user is in a health care facility or in any situation where there are contamination hazards. They also are to protect the patient from any cross contamination during exams or medical procedures.

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Cleanroom Glove BioClean™ P-Zero BPZS Size 6.5 Neoprene White 12 Inch Beaded Cuff Sterile


General Purpose Glove McKesson Medium Latex Yellow 9.8 Inch Beaded Cuff NonSterile


Infection Control Glove Grafco® Medium / Large Cotton White NonBeaded Cuff NonSterile